Printing Methods

Questions on which method of printing to choose for your piece?

Offset Printing

If you need your images sharper, your vibrant colors smoother, and consistent quality throughout your press run, then our sheetfed offset printing services are ideal for your project. The economics behind offset printing is simple: The more you print, the more your per-unit cost goes down. Ideal for magazines, catalogs, flyers, posters, brochures, stationery and business cards, our industry leading commercial presses will effectively deliver your project on time, and on budget. Our 40" sheetfed press can handle the largest printed pieces you need produced using any combination of CMYK Process inks and solid spot color inks.


Aqueous coating

Water-based coating that's applied to the entire sheet. It adds gloss, dull, or matte finishes to the piece and makes the paper more durable and less prone to fingerprinting and smudging. It also helps seal the ink into the sheet faster, so finishing can proceed sooner with less risk to the printing.

UV coating

An Ultraviolet cured liquid laminate is bonded to the sheet which makes it both highly durable, more water resistant, and can provide a very high-gloss finish.


Over a variety of project sizes and types, CPS treats every print job as a unique piece of art. We take pride in our skilled operators taking a "Green" approach to every project, complementing your needs with years of experience to provide unmatched offset printing quality.


Digital Printing

Digital printing stands out when used for personalized marketing, variable printing, and small quantity book printing. Unlike offset printing, digital printing gives you the flexibility to customize each piece you create thereby maximizing your marketing and lead generation efforts. Eliminating the need for heavy press set up fees, digital printing can not only meet your quantity and time requirements, but also fit your budget requirements.